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Agriculture Victoria Services (AVS) Pty Ltd (also referred to as ‘the Company’) is a private company incorporated under the provisions of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).


The Government of Victoria beneficially owns 100  per cent of the Company’s issued capital with the shareholder being represented through the Victorian Minister for Agriculture.


AVS is the specialist, professional entity responsible for protecting and commercialising novel technologies created by the Agriculture Victoria Research Division (AVR) of the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR, also referred to as ‘the Department’).


The Company has a skills-based and gender- balanced board of directors that consists of six members.




The Company was established in 1986 by the Victorian Government to provide a commercial interface between the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and private industry.  Originally established as Daratech Pty Ltd in 1986, the Company’s name was changed to Agriculture Victoria Services Pty Ltd in 1998.


Today, AVS is widely recognised by its collaborators and stakeholders as the entity responsible for the protection and commercialisation of novel technologies created by world-leading biosciences and agriculture research undertaken by the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (‘the Department’).




AVS has delivered more than 30 years of service excellence.


The AVS team consists of 17 professional and support staff that provide the specialist capability necessary to meet the Company’s obligations to government and the expectations of stakeholders.


AVS holds a significant intellectual property (IP) portfolio on behalf of the Victorian Government and other IP equity holders. The portfolio benefits the agricultural industry and the state’s economy through the commercial application of research and development (R&D) outcomes.




The Company’s purpose is to help improve the productivity and competitiveness of Victorian farmers where a private sector route to market for the Department’s research outputs is needed.


By providing expert intellectual property management and technology commercialisation services, AVS helps maximise the adoption and impact of the Department’s scientific research discoveries, technologies and capabilities.


In doing so the Company plays a critical role in enabling the state government to meet its economic development and social objectives.




AVS is viewed by industry stakeholders and public and private sector collaborators as a trusted partner. Similarly, the Company is valued by the government as the corporate entity through which commercial risk is managed.


AVS value is demonstrated by:








AVS operates in accordance with the following principles in alignment with its strategic objectives:







AVS aims to meet its objectives and fulfil its purpose by providing a professional and objective commercial interface to support the transfer of the Department's IP and scientific capabilities to the marketplace.


The following three strategic objectives reflect  the growing depth, breadth and complexity of the Company's business:


  1. Provide IP and commercial services to maximise the impact of the Department's technologies and research capabilities;


  1. Ensure the Department’s IP and commercial risks are well-managed and the state’s interests are protected; and


  1. Enhance and accelerate industry adoption of the Department’s technologies with support from AVS investment.




The Company’s board and management have adopted the following core values:








AVS is a self-funded entity relying on service fees and investment income to fund its operations and ensure the Company’s ongoing viability.


The establishment and maintenance of strong relationships with stakeholders and collaborators are critical to the success of AVS. These include the: